Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Can you believe it? I can't really. I found this at a gas station on 54th Street in St. Petersburg. So I went to www.mistic.com to find out where the heck they sell this thing and it forwarded me to snapple.com. So then I called and found out that this is distributed in "limited" areas, so nowhere near me of course.
But they still make it which is wonderful! I guess everytime I go to St. Pete now I'm going to have to swing by the gas station to pick these up cause it is sooo yummy. Just like I remembered over 12 years ago.


Kelly said...

You used to drink these things all the time in high school. Why don't you just go and buy the store out so you'll have them cause when gas gets to $5 I don't think you'll be coming here anymore

Diane said...

She better come up here, I will even pay for the gas if I have to

Debbie said...

when are you going to add more pictures. like of your sewing machine and the things you made. what did you stop blogging or something?

Gabby said...

I finished your scarf
it came out really good!
When I told mom what I was making it for, she laughed! She said that we are dweebs. Haha!

Post some new blogs! I want to see a picture of you sewing something because it's kind of hard to believe. lol.

Love ya!