Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Can you believe it? I can't really. I found this at a gas station on 54th Street in St. Petersburg. So I went to www.mistic.com to find out where the heck they sell this thing and it forwarded me to snapple.com. So then I called and found out that this is distributed in "limited" areas, so nowhere near me of course.
But they still make it which is wonderful! I guess everytime I go to St. Pete now I'm going to have to swing by the gas station to pick these up cause it is sooo yummy. Just like I remembered over 12 years ago.

Random Facts and Secrets about me, just cause I'm bored.

My favorite color is purple.
My dog loves watermelon.
I want a puppy.
I would love to live on a cruise ship, for a year or more.
I want to live in a walking city.
My favorite starbucks beverage is an iced vanilla latte.
I hate being cold.
I miss my old Honda.
I want a new tattoo on my back.
I wish that I would of made better career choices early on.
I want to own my own business one day.
I could move tomorrow and not care.
I like mowing the grass and doing yard work.
I never wear dresses or skirts.
I rarely wear jewelry.
I am scared of people.
I miss my grandmother petsch and grandpa wight everyday.
I want my parents to take a vacation.
I want my family to go on a cruise with me.
My next vacation destination is Alaska.
I rarely eat breakfast.
I have to have chocolate everyday.

more nonsense later.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Garlic Mayo Update

So I wrote to Hellmann's about the garlic mayo thing, and how upsetting is this response:

Hellmann's Garlic Mayonnaise has been discontinued in the United States. We are sorry that we do not have any remaining stock.

Our company's goal is to provide consumers with a variety of products to meet their needs and preferences. As you know, marketing is a complex function, and many business factors are taken into consideration before discontinuing a product. Before a product becomes available at the retail level, much time and expense is involved in perfecting the formulation, consumers focus testing, and marketing support. It truly saddens us when we must discontinue a product. However, consumer demand is a major factor. When the level of demand is insufficient to ensure that consumers receive high quality products at an affordable price, the product may be discontinued.

We apologize that this product is no longer available and hope you will continue to enjoy our products.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Has anyone seen Garlic Mayonnaise?

On my recent trip to Ireland...(ha I love being able to say that) they had Hellmann's Garlic Mayonnaise, and might I say that it was quite good. So Debi, who went with us to Ireland said that she had seen it in the stores in the US. So I didn't buy any while we were in Ireland but now I can't find it anywhere.
Has anyone seen Hellmann's Garlic Mayo in the stores???

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stop using plastic bags

So I thought that it was a little nuts in Ireland when I saw everyone carrying around these reusable bags for groceries, but when I went to the grocery store and needed a plastic bag they actually charged me .25 cents. I guess there is a law in Ireland now that bans plastic bags in order to help the environment.
Today on the news China is the newest country to help the enivornment and ban plastic bags as well. They go through like a billion of plastic bags a day in that country. So I think its a good thing that they are doing.

So I urge everyone to get on the banwagon and help the world by bringing your own reusable bag to the grocery store.
I myself went and bought a nice bag from Whole Foods yesterday for $1 and might I say it does work very nice to hold your groceries in.

Think green!

Puppy Update

Ok so I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to get another dog anytime soon. But everyone had some good choices.
Oh and my mom won the comment game so she won't have any bad luck ever. Ha.