Friday, May 30, 2008

Thinking of a new puppy

Ok so the question of the day is, if you could get a new puppy what would you get?
Tom said that he would get me a puppy for my birthday but I don't think that I'm going to go for it. I think he believes that if he gets me a puppy I won't mention anything about "having kids" for a long while. Ha!
But I started to think about what kind of puppy I would want. He wants a black pug, probably because its the closest looking thing to his dog Chipper. I think that I'm most fond of the Welsh Corgis and honestly Dachshunds! Ha. I could just picture a cute little red weiner dog running around here. I think I would just love that.
So leave me a comment and let me know what kind of puppy you would want.
If you don't comment after reading this you will have bad luck for 50 years.
Just kidding!


Debbie said...

I think you should get a German Sherpard. You know for protection. But I do love the idea of a Welsh Corgi. No more Dachsunds. What about a Yorkie they are more loveable than any other dog. I do love Presley more than any of the other dogs we have ever had. Sorry other dogs. Gabby will have to live with us forever because Presley can not leave me.
P.S. Do I get anything for commenting first!

Debbie said...

Hey wait a minute, what the hell am I saying. I WANT A GRANDBABY INSTEAD. Forget about the other posted comment. No more dogs....babies!!!! Can you hear me TOM!!!!!!!

Diane said...

I agree with mom, no more dogs. we are do for a baby.

aunt diane

Kelly said...

Whats this about another dog, no new dogs, you complain too much about the ones you have now! Don't fall for the tricks. As for my choice dogs: Big dogs: weimaraner, rhodesian ridgeback, vizsla. Small dogs: long hair chihuahua, rat terrier, italian greyhound, french bulldog & another fat minnie!

Gabby said...

No more dogs! :P

Harry Potter comes out November 21,
so i'll try to convince Mom to let me fly to Florida to spend Thanksgiving break with you! :)

Anonymous said...

What about a Great Dane.. they are great for people with SMALL CHILDREN... hint hint! Best of both worlds!

C Jowers