Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back from Ireland

This is the view from our plane coming into Dublin

Day 1 at our hotel.
St. Stephens Green Park
I'm not sure which street this is but its in Dublin city center, close to Grafton Street.

Well I can't believe that I was in Ireland for a whole week, and now I'm back. We had a wonderful time but its good to be home. Ireland was crazy. Dublin was a huge busy city. People were walking nonstop everywhere and there are thousands of pubs. We stayed 3 nights in Dublin city centre and then stayed 3 nights in Dalkey which is a small town in Dublin County. We also saw Killiney which only has one pub and one store, and we went to Howth which is a fishing village. Oh and we also went to the Wicklow Mountains which was really cool. I didn't get to kiss the Blarney stone, probably because I didn't realize that Cork was over 5 hours away. Oh and we were so glad that we didn't rent a car cause there was no way that we would of been able to figure out the roads. Crossing the streets in Dublin was a big enough challenge in itself cause you didn't know where the cars were coming from or where they were going. Luckly we all came back alive. Oh and we also went to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin and the Phoenix Zoo which was really cool.

I'm going to post my pictures on Flickr so yo should be able to click on the link on my page and see all of my pictures, cause there are alot of them!

OH and there is Starbucks in Dublin!! Ha!!

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