Friday, May 30, 2008

Thinking of a new puppy

Ok so the question of the day is, if you could get a new puppy what would you get?
Tom said that he would get me a puppy for my birthday but I don't think that I'm going to go for it. I think he believes that if he gets me a puppy I won't mention anything about "having kids" for a long while. Ha!
But I started to think about what kind of puppy I would want. He wants a black pug, probably because its the closest looking thing to his dog Chipper. I think that I'm most fond of the Welsh Corgis and honestly Dachshunds! Ha. I could just picture a cute little red weiner dog running around here. I think I would just love that.
So leave me a comment and let me know what kind of puppy you would want.
If you don't comment after reading this you will have bad luck for 50 years.
Just kidding!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ok so I have to write you and tell you of this pretty funny story of when we were in Ireland. We had a driver from our new hotel pick us up at the old hotel so that we wouldn’t have to worry about a cab or taking the bus or train or anything. The drivers name was Martin, a true Irishman. So on the way to the new hotel Martin was telling us about where famous people lived and some of the history of Ireland and just some interesting facts as we passed by certain locations. Well the roads as we got toward the hotel weren’t very forgiving. They were barely a car and ½ wide and had many blind spots as you came up the hill and around corners. I think that Martin could tell that we were a little scared as he drove up on the sidewalk to escape getting hit by oncoming traffic. So as Martin is maneuvering his way around these curvy blinding roads all of a sudden you hear him go, Weeee…… You know like you would if you were a little kid on a ride? It was the funniest thing ever and we all started laughing. He just knew that by him being like we were on a roller coaster ride we might ease up our fears a little bit.
I think after that Martin became our new best Irish friend.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More pics of Dublin


Wicklow Mountains

More pictures from Howth

Howth Fishing Village

This is the Howth fishing village that we visited. We took the Dart train from Dalkey to Howth which was about a 50 minute ride. When we arrived we saw that they were having a farmer's market, which was awesome!! We ate lunch and just relaxed outside. Oh and the highlight was seeing wild seals near the fishing boats. I guess they were waiting for some fish.

Back from Ireland

This is the view from our plane coming into Dublin

Day 1 at our hotel.
St. Stephens Green Park
I'm not sure which street this is but its in Dublin city center, close to Grafton Street.

Well I can't believe that I was in Ireland for a whole week, and now I'm back. We had a wonderful time but its good to be home. Ireland was crazy. Dublin was a huge busy city. People were walking nonstop everywhere and there are thousands of pubs. We stayed 3 nights in Dublin city centre and then stayed 3 nights in Dalkey which is a small town in Dublin County. We also saw Killiney which only has one pub and one store, and we went to Howth which is a fishing village. Oh and we also went to the Wicklow Mountains which was really cool. I didn't get to kiss the Blarney stone, probably because I didn't realize that Cork was over 5 hours away. Oh and we were so glad that we didn't rent a car cause there was no way that we would of been able to figure out the roads. Crossing the streets in Dublin was a big enough challenge in itself cause you didn't know where the cars were coming from or where they were going. Luckly we all came back alive. Oh and we also went to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin and the Phoenix Zoo which was really cool.

I'm going to post my pictures on Flickr so yo should be able to click on the link on my page and see all of my pictures, cause there are alot of them!

OH and there is Starbucks in Dublin!! Ha!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

More pictures of Tim McGraw,,,just cause I love him so much!!

Oh yea we had really good VIP box seats!! It was awesome. I went with Kelly and this was the first concert that she has been to since New Kids on the Block, way back in the 80's I think. Ha!!
I have never been so close to the stage, oh and can you see Tim's sweat on his shirt!! He was pretty hot can you tell.

Tim McGraw Concert

Jason Aldean was awesome and Tim McGraw just kicks butt. I love him!!