Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well someone figured out how to use the scanner finally. More pics to come.

These are just too cute. I love technology.


Kelly said...

No crap! Your first picture with the food, just to let you know, we still use that same green flower pattern corelle! It is the only set of plates that I can ever remember--talk about a way to save money! Maybe I should learn something from my mother & keep mine forever too, imagine all the $ I could save

Kelly said...

Oh & the next picture with the rocking chair, we had the same one but in a lighter stain! haaaaaa

Debbie said...

Oh my gosh, that was our first Thanksgiving in our new house on St. Pete Beach. And you were just born in September. Look at all the hair Daddy had. Too funny. And Easter dresses with Grandmother. And no we don't have those dishes or rocking chair anymore.

Anonymous said...

Not a very good picture of grandma Wight just don't find any of me Where is grandpa he was a big part of your life. Very cute piture of gabby.

Aunt Diane