Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hello Bloggers

So how is everyone out there in the internet world doing? Pretty good here. My dad came to visit me for a short minute. We had a nice dinner, watched some tv and then he left in the morning... :-(
Hopefully I can go up there this summer and visit everyone. I miss my grandma too and I miss my theo dog.

Well only like 30 something days until I go to Ireland, oh and only 2 weeks until I go to DC. Guess I better get used to being on a plane. Not too excited about that part but definately excited about going to see some place new.

Oh and did I mention that it was like 87 degrees out today. Extremely hot I think for an April day but never the less I was able to lay out for a bit. Tomorrow its suppose to be like 75 degrees. Which should cool things off a bit.

Well I'm trying to think of some exciting story to entertain you with but I'm just drawing a blank. TTFN

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