Sunday, March 2, 2008

Where I've been in the USA

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As far as I can remember I have visited 9 states in the US. I know that when I was like 15 or something my family took a road trip up to New York, so I'm thinking that we had to drive through Virginia, and maybe another state that I didn't include? Maybe my mom knows for sure.
Oh and I didn't count Nevada seeing as how I was just at the airport for a layover, so that doesn't really count.
So I have 9 states on my list of visited state. How many are on yours?

Oh and I'm thinking that maybe my friend kelly will go to Minnesota to the Mall of America with me, or maybe take a trip to Seattle cause I really want to go there.

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Anonymous said...

CA was great... our last hurrah you might say! Glad you went with me, it would not have been the same w-out you!

C. Jowers

PS I would count Vegas... we saw it from the plane!