Friday, March 7, 2008

Lazy Friday Night

I don't think that my Mom ever made Monkey Bread for dessert, but I just couldn't resist. I didn't even use a recipe this time. I think I can make Monkey Bread with my eyes closed. Yummy!
Here is my little easter decorated table. This is the Buccaneer Build a Bear that I made Tom. His belly is stuffed really full like a football player. Ha!

So as you can tell we are having a lazy Friday night at home. Its raining outside and suppose to get freezing cold tomorrow.

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Debbie said...

Did you not cut the biscuits for the monkey bread? It looks different. Made one for Heather and Bill when they were here and there is still half of it left. Not like when we are all together. I'm on no sugar for Lent. Stupid I now. Cute table and bear. Check out Big Lots for your chairs or just get folding chairs.