Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good Times

Why does time fly when you are having fun? My mom and sister Gabby came to FL to visit me. I think that we had a good time, definately went by too fast. Hopefully I will see them and the rest of my family soon.
Oh and did anyone hear the shuttle land last night? um yea, not going to tell you my reaction but lets just say that my mom died from laughter for about 30 minutes... is it possible that the space shuttle can land on your roof? Cause thats what I thought, and I'm sure that the 911 dispatcher had a good laugh at me. Ok maybe I will tell you, here is how it went down.
911: what is your emergency?
me:: i think someone is breaking into my house, I heard a big bang and it sounds like someone is on my roof
911: well the space shuttle just landed
me: the space shuttle just landed on my roof?
911: it landed in florida
me: so you can hear the shuttle on your roof from here?
911: yes
me: um ok nevermind false alarm.
I think thats what happens when you work at the PD, you become paranoid!!
ha. funny.
ps- I'm not blonde.


Kelly said...

seriously tell me you are kidding and you did not call 911, SERIOUSLY!

Gabby said...

Hey sis! Check out my blog!

Laura said...

I am still laughing at you!