Friday, March 7, 2008


Is anyone watching Big Brother!! I'm like totally addicted to it now, especially since I got Showtime and I can watch the after dark show for like 3 hours a day. ha!
It's pretty weird how Big Brother tells these people what to do in the house and what not to say and stuff, makes me think that they fix the show and stuff.

So who do you want to win??? I'm glad that Allison is gone, I'm kind of hoping that they bring back Amanda just to cause drama in the house.

Oh and I was thinking that I should tryout for the summer show. How awesome woud that be. I need someone to help me create a video to send in.

Nothing much else going on. I'm on the countdown to my Ireland trip. Only 2 months to go. I'm definately excited now cause this time I'm definately going unless the earth crumbles to the ground or something.

Well thank goodness its FRIDAY!! Hope everyone has a good weekend. It's going to be chilly down here! blah to that!

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