Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I was thinking about Valentines so I made a Valentines colored place mat. Now I have to make a matching one to go with it for my little kitchen table.

Oh and I had to get a random shot of Oscar too. I promise I will put some other pics up soon. I just need to take them first. I realized that I haven't had one picture of me taken in 2008 yet, that can't be good since its one day away from February.

Oh and I tried to explain to Tom what a blog was and I don't think that he gets it. He was making fun of me the other day when I was taking a picture of my food. I was like I'm going to Blog it. He was like what? You are taking a picture of a ham sandwich? Ha. Does kind of sound nuts, but he just isn't that computer savy and up with the times to get it. Oh well.

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