Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Night Dinner

I was craving a homemade ham and cheese sandwich today. It reminded me of how I used to go to my parent's house and make them. My mom used to always have cold cuts in the fridge and having a ham and cheese sandwich was just soo yummy and satisfying. I must say that today I am reminded of how I miss having my family around, and how I miss being able to go to my parents house and raid their fridge of all their yummy leftovers and snacks.
So I went to the store after work and got stuff for my sandwich and I decided to make a mushroom and pea risotto to go with it. Turned out very nice although still not as good as the one at Mom and Dad's.
Miss you!


Kelly said...

ACK! that does not look like a good combination at all!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kelly. The risotta no but the sadwich looks good.

Aunt Diane

Kelly said...

I know, risotto with a pickle..only patricia

mom said...

you girls know how to make your mama cry, don't ya!