Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I was thinking about Valentines so I made a Valentines colored place mat. Now I have to make a matching one to go with it for my little kitchen table.

Oh and I had to get a random shot of Oscar too. I promise I will put some other pics up soon. I just need to take them first. I realized that I haven't had one picture of me taken in 2008 yet, that can't be good since its one day away from February.

Oh and I tried to explain to Tom what a blog was and I don't think that he gets it. He was making fun of me the other day when I was taking a picture of my food. I was like I'm going to Blog it. He was like what? You are taking a picture of a ham sandwich? Ha. Does kind of sound nuts, but he just isn't that computer savy and up with the times to get it. Oh well.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Night Dinner

I was craving a homemade ham and cheese sandwich today. It reminded me of how I used to go to my parent's house and make them. My mom used to always have cold cuts in the fridge and having a ham and cheese sandwich was just soo yummy and satisfying. I must say that today I am reminded of how I miss having my family around, and how I miss being able to go to my parents house and raid their fridge of all their yummy leftovers and snacks.
So I went to the store after work and got stuff for my sandwich and I decided to make a mushroom and pea risotto to go with it. Turned out very nice although still not as good as the one at Mom and Dad's.
Miss you!

Weekend project finished

This is the pillow cover that I made this weekend. One side has 9 grannie squares while the other side has one large one. I somehow was able to make it exactly fit the pillow that I had. And it sits nice on my papasan chair. Now Im thinking that I need to make one with pink, brown, and beige...hmmm maybe this weekend. Is yarn on sale at Michaels???

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Isn't he the cutest weiner dog ever???

Can you believe that Oscar will be 6 years old on Tuesday!! I can't. Its hard to believe that I have had him since he was just barely 8 weeks old. He could fit into the palm of my hands. He was soo soft and all he wanted to do was cuddle on your neck. Now he can only be picked up with both hands and wants to cuddle on Tom's couch under the blankets...which drives Tom insane by the way. I love him oh so much and I am just glad that he is there to great me at the door everyday when I come home.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My first ripple project

This came out better then I thought, however its still not wide enough for a normal blanket. So I guess its just a throw or something.

I have another ripple pattern that I am going to start if I can figure it out. This time I will make sure its wide enough.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Signing in for 2008

These are a few of my projects that I am working on. So far 2008 has been chilly. It was 40 degrees this morning. I know that its colder up in SC and NC but hello it has been like 80 degrees here everyday.

I hope that everyone got what they wanted in 2007 and that 2008 is the best year yet.

love ya!