Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crazy coupon day!

Total profit of $2.50, also includes 2 more gallons of milk. Had I gotten all the coupons I needed I would have done another trip and made more money, ugh oh well can't complain on free stuff. I have to thank two people who sent me the awesome Hellmanns and Bertolli coupons so I could pull off this deal, plus other coupons that I hope will come in handy in the future.

 Heres a breakdown of what I bought:

12 seagrams 12 packs
12 motts juice
10 bertolli sauce
12 hellmanns mayo
4 sargento cheese
6 smart balance butter
4 coppertone suntan lotion
3 gallons of milk
2 marzetti cole slaw dressing
2 publix shredded cole slaw
4 snausages dog treats
1 heinz ketchup
3 bananas
1 pound of grapes

I love Publix!

Oh and yesterday I got paid $1.33 for 20 knorr sides, 4 reynolds baking cups,  and 10 swansons chicken stock!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weekly grocery shopping May 12-18

Here is what I bought this week. I spent $32.94, saved $330.27 and I will receive a $10 giftcard back in the mail from a rebate. This took multiple days and 7 transactions.

3 knorr stock
2 ball park hot dogs
4 mullers yogurt
1 gerber banana cookies
2 oreos
4 gallons of milk
26 gas x (my money maker!!)
4 travel john frieda hair spray
4 kings hawaiian hot dog buns
4 jenni o turkey dogs
4 hormel chili
2 packs of dial bar soap
1/2 gallon of oj
2 fig newtons
1 nuk cup
1 nuk silverware
6 packs of schick quattro razors
4 evenflo single bottles
1 huge bottle of sangria
4 green giant frozen veggies
2 fold it water bottles
1 dozen eggs
2 lipton tea bags box
3 motts juice boxs
4 kraft mac and cheese
4 12packs of coke
4 vidal sassoon shampoo
6 gogurts box
6 hamburger helper
8 suddenly salad

whew what an awesome week!! and I have 4 more deals to do still with this weeks ad, but I'm gonna save those for next week!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Family Vacation-- Carnival Cruise April 28- May 4, 2013

 Oh how I love Caribbean Cruising!! Let me count the ways...endless buffets, room service, stateroom cleaning twice a day, no driving from one place to the next (hense no getting lost!), entertainment, people watching, beautiful weather... I could go on and on.
This was my 11th cruise! Can you believe it. Tom and I used to cruise twice a year until we bought a house and had kids. This was our first vacation in two years, so it was definitely needed!
We went on a 6 night cruise on the Carnival Freedom. We stopped at Key West, Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We brought along Grandma Dinah to help us with the kids.
Even though I was still getting over a cold (that has been a month now) we had a good time. Alot of relaxing in the room, swimming in the pool and eatting. We went to one dance show which was really good and Tom and I got to go to a welcome back party, since we are Gold Members. Ha! In Key West we walked around for a bit, in Grand Cayman we got a taxi and went to the turtle farm and then went to see the town of Hell and then went to the beach for a bit, in Jamaica we just walked around to a few stores. Jamaica has gotten pretty bad since the last time we were there. The main shopping center has pretty much closed down, plus the port was pretty dead. Not good.
I'm already dreaming about my next Carnival Cruise! I want to go on the Carnival Breeze!
I only need 29 more sailing days to reach Platinum level and then I get the benefits of free laundry service, a free gift and other stuff. It will probably be many years before I get to that level though.

Hannah's Third Birthday~!

We celebrated Hannah's Birthday a day early because on her actual birthday we were driving to Fort Lauderdale for our Carnival Cruise!
I can't believe my baby is three years old already!!

A few April photos

Hailey's First Birthday

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Publix trips 4/15 and 4/17 and Winn Dixie 4/15

You would think with all the shopping that I do that I would have food coming out of my ears and overflowing in my house but this in not the case. The pantry items are stocked but its the fresh foods and fridge items that get used everyday that I have to continuously purchase. These items includes milk, veggies, fruit, eggs, bread and yogurt. Of course most of these items do not have coupons to help lower the cost. Usually I will have to work up a deal buying other items to bring the cost of these items down, which I have done with purchasing the Splenda and Smart Balance butter.  These items were both money makers. 

On the trip above at Publix I spent $4.59 and saved $62.63.  In this trip the sunlight, mullers yogurt, splenda, smithfield ham, and smart balance butter were all money makers. They helped lower the cost of my veggies, fruit, pickles, and milk.

At Winn Dixie I spent $2.90 and saved $75.20.
I have been saving my Enfagrow coupons for a bogo sale on the milk which just so happened to come around this week. So that's how I got this stuff soo cheap!! I also had 2 $7 manufacturer checks to use on them as well. Winn Dixie also gives you double gas perks on baby items so I earned .30 in fuel perks, which if I use all 20 gallons will come up to $6.00 bucks in savings on gas. So essentially this trip was a money maker! My car unfortunately only takes around 12 gallons so basically I will only save $3.60 on gas. Still a great deal!

On this Publix trip I did two transactions. I spent a total of $5.04 and saved $80.13. I also got a 1/2 gallon of orange juice which I forgot to take a picture of. Not a bad deal for all of this stuff! I mean considering I got yogurt, milk, bread, juice, eggs, bagels, and asparagus I did pretty awesome!
On another note, we have been battling a cold for over a week now. Its just lingering!!! I don't know why I have gotten so sick so many times lately but for some reason we just keep catching something.
I have one week to prep and get ready for Hannah's 3rd birthday and to get ready for our 6 night Carnival cruise, which I am soo excited about! We haven't been on a cruise since our honeymoon 2 years ago and I am itching for a nice vacation. I love cruising!! It's one of my favorite things to do. Tom and I used to go all the time, we have gone on over 10 cruises but since we had kids and bought a house, well 2 houses vacations kind of went on the back burner. Hopefully we can get back to going at least once a year.